Put aside every title, accomplishment and award...  The health of your puppy should be the #1 most important criteria in buying a puppy!  It doesn't matter if your puppy is from Grand Champion blah blah blah if he/she will have skin issues, allergies, hip dysplasia or an autoimmune disease for the rest of their life, then that was a really BAD puppy purchase that you will regret. 

50% of all dogs will die of cancer.  80% of all dogs age 8 will have arthritis.  Dog food manufacturers are failing our pets!  Your dog is genetically engineered to eat a raw diet including raw bones.  Worms eat dirt, hummingbirds eat nectar, cats eat mice and dogs eat whole prey non-carnivore animals!  

Health benefits of the raw diet:  Huge reduction in cancer risk, lower overall inflammation, lower arthritis risk, healthier skin and coat, increase longevity by almost 3 years, healthier gut microbiome, higher cognitive function especially in older dogs, reduction in obesity and much more!   

We follow the 80/10/10 raw feeding plan with a splash of greens and veggies.  Dogs are carnivores.  There is no place in their diet for carbohydrates.  However, we know for a fact that dogs have a gut microbiome and that microbiome needs vegetation for colonization.  We also know dogs eat grass.  This is observed in every breed.  For this reason we feed a small amount of greens, mixed green juices for humans and spirulina.  We also know greens reduce cancer by 90%.  Look up the Purdue University study for further info.  

How to start the raw diet: 

I get a lot of questions regarding the raw diet and I apologize in advance, I'm not able to answer all your emails.  I do not give out recipes for the raw diet.  I'm not a canine nutritionalist and I'm simply not qualified.  My road to raw has literally taken over 10 years.  You are responsible for doing your own research.  However, I do feel it's very safe to endorse someone else's product.  

This is my favorite product in the world regarding the raw diet!  Dr. Harvey's Raw Vibrance.   This bag makes 56 one pound meals.  This is a whole food supplement that you simply add to any meat to make the meal AAFCO balanced.  

Here's an example: 

1 pound ground beef 
1 pound ground turkey
3 eggs
1 can chub mackerel (drain fluid) or 2 cans sardines in water
1 small can minced clams
Mix and add Dr. Harvey's Raw Vibrance following the directions.  

Make 5 batches for the month!  Freeze in individual servings of course. 

Confused on how much to feed?  Contact Dr. Harvey directly.

Don't forget the healthy oil.  My favorite is krill oil for dogs.  Mix up the oils.  Use coconut oil, Dr. Harvey's oil, olive oil, salmon oil even chia seed oil.  

Tip...  I put my dry Dr. Harvey's Raw Vibrance in a coffee grinder for a few seconds.  

Here are the ingredients to Dr. Harvey's Raw Vibrance: 

Raw Vibrance is made from 24 incredibly nutritious whole foods, sourced from the finest human-grade ingredients, and manufactured in the U.S. per strict quality assurance standards. Here’s why you can feel GREAT about serving your companion Raw Vibrance:
  • 9 ultra-nutritious vegetables — such as broccoli, green beans, squash, beets, celery, spinach and more — that are abundant in vitamins and minerals, and contain healthy gut microflora.
  • Bone meal, crushed eggshells and eggshell membranes, which provide the required amount of calcium and support joint health.
  • Raw Goat’s Milk is an amazing probiotic and amazing for your dog’s digestive system.
  • Multiple superfoods like spirulina, kelp and milk thistle, which combine to support tissue repair, enhance liver and digestive functions, and fight a wide range of inflammatory disease.
  • Apples and blueberries that are high in dietary fiber, and contain powerful antioxidants and disease fighting properties.
  • Pumpkin and ginger that support healthy digestion and virtually odorless stool (you’re welcome!).
  • Chia seeds and sesame seeds that boost energy, and are packed with Omega 3, fiber, antioxidants, calcium and magnesium.
  • Green lipped mussels, which are an excellent source of Omega 3 and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Shiitake mushrooms, which contain potent immune-boosting properties.

Healthiest treats in the world!  All are available on Amazon.


Beef trachea chews (highest concentration of glucosamine chondroitin in nature)

Beef tendon chews

Chicken feet or duck feet chews

Pork ears

Chicken or duck feet hearts (1 heart is a full days supply of super healthy taurine)

Beef liver bites (never exceed 1 a day)

Dehydrated green lipped mussels (holy grail to anti-inflammatory)

Fish skins

I get what you're saying about the raw diet but I just don't have time. 

Just because you don't do full raw doesn't mean you can't do some.  Yes you can throw your dog a bone.  Buy a chicken drumstick or wing.  Serve one a day.  YES RAW!  Never feed cooked chicken bones.  3 days a week feed canned sardines in water.  Buy a can of oysters and serve 2 a day.  Lightly fry an egg leaving the yolk raw every other day. 

Important information regarding joint supplements HERE