Put aside every title, accomplishment and award...  The health of your puppy should be the #1 most important criteria of buying a puppy!  It doesn't matter if your puppy is from Grand Champion blah blah blah if he/she will have skin issues, allergies, hip dysplasia or an autoimmune issues for the rest of their life, then that was a really BAD puppy purchase that you will regret.  

Whelping a litter is a labor of love for us and you have my uttermost promise that we take care of our mama dogs like we're taking care of our own family.  

I drive to Calico Market in Conroe for raw goat milk (frozen 3 weeks for safety).  Mama dog get's raw milk to her hearts desire.  According to Steve's Real Food, goat milk is a super food for dogs, especially puppies and lactating bitches.  All bitches are fed raw during pregnancy and lactation.  I have the most expensive meat grinder on the market (Weston #32) and they are literally offered as much raw food as they want.  

Pregnancy is different.  Bitches are fed an exact amount of protein or else puppies are born too big and mama dog needs a c-section.  We absolutely never bottle feed puppies.  Mother's milk is best.  We feed mama dog to her hearts desire and rotate puppies sometimes as many as 6 on 6 off (our largest litter was 14).  I have never, not even 1 time had a phone call regarding an autoimmune disease from a puppy bred by us.  

 When you purchase a puppy from WAAP, you will be added to a private FB page for only your litter.  There, you will get a video everyday as your puppy grows.  I also post pictures of the diet mama dog eats.  I only know 1 other GSP breeder who goes through the effort I do for nutrition.  Last thought....  There is no doctor in the entire world who would say processed foods are healthier than fresh raw foods.  Why is it any different for your pet?  

It's with the uttermost excitement to announce that my home in Katy, TX is now a drop for Texas Tripe!  Grass fed beef at the finest prices in the nation!!!  Simply pick up your order here at my house after work! 

We follow the 80/10/10 raw feeding plan with a splash of greens.  Dogs are carnivores.  There is no place in their diet for carbohydrates.  However, we know for a fact that dogs have a gut microbiome and that microbiome needs vegetation for colonization.  We also know dogs eat grass.  This is observed in every breed.  For this reason we feed a small amount of greens, mixed green juices for humans and spirulina.  We also know greens reduce cancer by 90%.  Look up the Purdue University study for further info.  


We are putting together do-it-yourself homemade raw dog food recipes that will include 100% locally purchased meats.  

50% of all dogs will die of cancer.  80% of all dogs age 8 will have arthritis.  Dog food manufacturers are failing our pets!  Your dog is genetically engineered to eat a raw diet including raw bones.  Worms eat dirt, hummingbirds eat nectar, cats eat mice and dogs eat whole prey non-carnivore animals!  

Health benefits of the raw diet:  Huge reduction in cancer risk, lower overall inflammation, lower arthritis risk, healthier skin and coat, increase longevity by almost 3 years, healthier gut microbiome, higher cognitive function especially in older dogs, reduction in obesity and much more!