Dog Joint Supplements


20% of all dogs aged 1 already show early signs of joint issues.  

By age 8, those issues have fully developed in 80% of dogs. 

If you feed the raw diet – including plenty of chicken bones, knuckles, chicken feet, beef trachea, fish skins, beef tendons, etc., your dogs should be getting enough nutrients from their food alone, and a supplement is likely not necessary.  

However, this is not the case for most pet owners.

The unfortunate truth is that even the best kibble on the market lacks nutritional adequacy beyond supporting your dog’s survival. The nutritional value listed on the label oftentimes doesn’t reflect what’s actually in the bag, due to the high-temperature heat treatment used to shelf-stabilize the food.

The great news though is that adding a quality joint supplement has been proven to improve mobility and ease discomfort in pets prone to joint troubles.

There are plenty of joint supplement options available and I have reviewed many. The national best seller you have probably come across (look out for an orange label) contains key ingredients like MSM, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin that have been shown to help support joint health, BUT it also contains lots of not-so-great ingredients like natural and artificial flavors, magnesium stearate, and artificial sweeteners (dextrose). Artificial flavors are known hazards to the health of both humans and dogs. 

Thankfully, I have found a MUCH better alternative that’s made from the same great key ingredients WITHOUT all the yucky stuff mentioned above. I highly recommend you try NuJoint by NuVet Labs. It comes in a regular dose (NuJoint Plus), and double strength (NuJoint DS). 

NuJoint is made with premium-quality ingredients - zero added preservatives, artificial flavors, binders and fillers. It’s composed of only 4 ingredients and is flavored with REAL chicken liver. The best part? In my experience, dogs absolutely LOVE the taste. 


Other reasons why I prefer NuJoint: 

- NuJoint (as well as their multivitamin NuVet Plus line) is manufactured in an FDA registered pharmaceutical facility following GMP standards. This means that their product is tested multiple times for safety, potency and purity during the manufacturing process. What is listed on the label is exactly what's in the product.

- No heat treatment is used during production. NuJoint is manufactured using the cold-processing method, meaning no nutrients are lost during shelf-stabilization.

- NuJoint also contains buffered vitamin C, which is fantastic for joints (an added benefit, as a lot of other brands don’t have this ingredient.)

I'm very proud to have partnered with NuVet Labs because I truly believe in their products. The care we take of our pets dictates their quality of life, and I believe every dog deserves to be provided with the tools to maintain great health throughout its time here. 

NuVet Plus is simply an antioxidant vitamin to fight cancer and boost the immune system.  

I was watching 2 chihuahuas while mom and dad went to CA for vacation.  Unfortunately, there was a horrible medical emergency and the husband died in CA after 3 months of hospitalization.  I had the chihuahuas the entire time.  Lola is blind, partially deaf, diabetic, has heart issues, and cushing disease.  I did NOT want her to die while in my care.  The Mom was already going through enough.  I started them on Nuvet vitamins.  Here is a before/after video of a few months on the vitamin. 

Before    After 

I could not believe how much hair was growing back after zero hair growth due to her autoimmune disease!!!!  The owner changed nothing in the diet, only adding the NuVet Plus.  Can NuVet Vitamins reverse autoimmune diseases?  I have no idea..  All I'm saying is I'm not lying about giving Lola the vitamin.  Her owner is in my small group Bible study at church, we are FB friends and this is how she knew we board dogs.  

Here's how to order

Or call Nuvet directly at 800-474-7044 order code 80373