GCH Wing And A Prayer's Beauty And The Beast

DOB 9/15/2019

Health clearances



GCH Whirlwind Go For Broke MHA "Gambler"


GCH WAAP's In It To Win It V. NEWPoint's Thunderstorm MH NA1 "Bristol"

This pairing of Gambler and Bristol that produced Lacy was the finest breeding for that year IN THE NATION if you consider both conformation and hunting.  Very few breeders breed Grand Champion to Grand Champion, even less breeders breed AKC Master Hunters to AKC Master Hunters, almost nobody breeds GCH MH to GCH MH.  Wing And A Prayer Shorthairs did both.  Go back one more generation and you'll see another Champion/Master Hunter Advanced, Champion/Master hunter, Champion Junior hunter and Dual Champion/Grand Champion/ Master Hunter (actually Camo is the highest titled GSP of all time).  

Lacy is a fully finished gun dog.  She is steady to wing and shot, retrieves to the hand when commanded to do so and honors her bracemate.   She is professionally field trained by Rev. Buck Henderson of Backyard Training Kennels.  She's also a Grand Champion.  Some people don't care if their dog is purple as long as they pick up the bird and bring it back.  That's not the case here.  There's nothing more fascinating to look at than a bitch that does it all and is physically beautiful to boot.  Lacy resides with my elderly in-laws right here in Katy.  She joins my husband and father-in-law for every upland hunt.  

Lacy is currently hunt testing but just like her mama, this takes time.  Bristol was awarded Master Hunter while she was 2 weeks pregnant with her 2nd litter.