Terms and conditions

You will sign a contract with this information on puppy go home day. 

1.  You agree to AKC register your puppy.  This is required for the protection of your puppy.  If your puppy is lost, he/she might be turned into Texas GSP Rescue.  If that's the case you must show proof of ownership. 
2.  You agree to buy your first bag of puppy food from me ($85 sold for slightly lower than you can buy it for).  This will assure me that your puppy does not have diarrhea due to change of diet when they go home.  After their first bag of puppy food, you can feed whatever food you choose but at least I introduced you to the finest kibble in the world.  Please continue Orijen!!!! 
3.  You agree to microchip your puppy either from me or your vet.  Once again, this is proof of ownership.  
4.  You agree to buy one bottle of NuVet Vitamins.  These vitamins are recommended for the life of your puppy but only the first bottle is required.  I will receive an email confirming your purchase when you use order code 80373.  These are YOUR vitamins for your puppy.  Ship them to your house.  Yes I am a distributor.  Your purchase supports free vitamins for my kennel and your puppies.  
5.  You agree your puppy will never be transfered after purchase.  We are not puppy brokers, you DO NOT have my permission to buy my puppy on behalf of someone else.  
6.  If you can no longer care for your puppy, the puppy is to be returned to me.  My puppies will NEVER go to a shelter or rescue. 
7.  You agree to never use Trifexis on my puppies (#1 cause of seizures in dogs). 
8.  You understand your puppy is sold on Limited AKC registration.  No breeding rights.  Full registration is only given to those who are contracted for such.  
9.  For those who have full registration you agree to all health clearances required by our breed club The GSPCA, CHIC registration and in addition you agree to test for dilute and Degenerative Myopathy.  
10.  I agree your puppy deposit is fully refundable or transferable.  No questions asked.  I'm not out to make money on deposits.  I'm here to give you a well bred puppy.  However...   Please DO NOT  place your deposit with WAAP without a serious commitment.  Your deposit pays for ongoing expenses for our kennel.  
11.  Pick number is not guaranteed until after puppies are on the ground.  
12.  I reserve the right to keep a puppy for my own kennel at anytime regardless of your pick number as long as a I can still offer you a puppy in the sex you request.  This does not happen frequently or even rarely.  I simply reserve the right to my own puppies.  
13.  All puppy payments are final when the puppy is approved by you at 7 weeks old either in person or via pictures or webcam.  That is to say, when you say yes to your puppy at 7 weeks old, all payments/deposits are now non-refundable and non-transferable and puppy must be paid in full.  

While 13 requirements might seem excessive at first, we are literally the nicest people you can possibly work with.  After your puppy goes home, you contact us for questions.  We're not in your business or bothering you.