Foster Program

Why we foster

The #1 reason why we use foster families is because we believe every dog deserves to be a valued family member.  Our dogs that reside with us have the full run of the backyard, live in the house, sleep in the house at night and we have 1 very large dog run that extends the entire length of our backyard for when the daycare babies play outside or if a bitch is in season.  We do not own outdoor kennels that dogs reside in.  The foster family situation gives every dog the opportunity to be a valued family member, spoiled couch potato/hunting partner even if they are part of a breeding program. 

We use foster families in different ways.  There are times we place an eight week old puppy with you, we still own the pup, we take the pup to dog show class, hunt tests, show him/her in the ring, reserve breeding rights, then sign the pup over to you as owners when parenting duties are finished.  In this situation there is no cost for the puppy and if the puppy goes to gun dog training there is no cost to you.  We pay for 100% of expenses for the dog other than food until he/she is signed over to you the family.  

Another way we use a family is to adopt a fully retired dam who you will own outright, no strings attached.  This dog is in perfect health, spayed, house trained, etc.  Yes, it's hard to let go of a dog who's been family to us, but if we didn't, we wouldn't be able to continue the work we do as breeders because we just wouldn't have room in our home!  

If you're interested in becoming a WAAP foster family, you must be in the Katy or surrounding area, own a house, familiar with dogs and NOT plan on moving before the foster agreement is finished.  

References are available from current WAAP foster families if you have questions about us, because we will spend a lot of time with you before we place a puppy or retired dam.   

Again, when you buy a puppy from WAAP Shorthairs, the sire and dam have never, not one day of their life lived in a kennel as a kennel dog.  They are loved family members.  The living conditions of the kennel you purchase your puppy from should be the utter most important to you and for this reason we are always an open kennel for in-home interviews.