Dog Joint Supplements

 20% of all dogs age 1 already show symptoms of arthritis.  80% of all dogs age 8 have arthritis.  Joint supplements for dogs are a multi billion dollar industry FOR GOOD REASON!   

If you're feeding the raw diet full of chicken bones and knuckles, chicken feet, beef trachea, fish skins, beef tendons, etc., you do not need to supplement your dogs with a joint supplement.  

If you're feeding your dog kibble dog food, your beloved pet will probably have arthritis.  Supplementing with a joint supplement has been proven to reduce inflammation, improve function, slow progression and reverse joint damage and arthritis.  

There are hundreds of joint supplements to choose from.  My most favorite product is NuJointDS made by NuVet.  NuVet uses only human grade/human quality ingredients with zero added preservatives, artificial ingredients, binders or fillers. 

Cosequin for dogs is the #1 selling joint supplement in the nation and it contains artificial flavors, dextrose, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose and silicon dioxide.     Artificial flavors are known carcinogens and cause an inflammatory response.  NuVet is manufactured in an FDA registered human pharmaceutical facility following GMP standards, this means their product is tested multiple times for safety, potency and purity.  What is listed on the label is exactly what's in the product.  Cosequin is not manufactured in a FDA facility, or by GMP standards.  NuJoint also contains buffered vitamin C which is fantastic for joints which Cosequin does not.  

I'm very proud to be a distributor for NuVet Plus vitamins and NuJointDS joint supplements.  Every puppy buyer buys the vitamins before go home day, this is a requirement.  Joint supplements are not a requirement however it is HIGHLY recommended.  

NuVet Plus is simply an antioxidant vitamin to fight cancer and boost the immune system.  

I was watching 2 chihuahuas while mom and dad went to CA for vacation.  Unfortunately, there was a horrible medical emergency and the husband died in CA after 3 months of hospitalization.  I had the chihuahuas the entire time.  Lola is blind, partially deaf, diabetic, has heart issues, and cushing disease.  I did NOT want her to die while in my care.  The Mom was already going through enough.  I started them on Nuvet vitamins.  Here is a before/after video of a few months on the vitamin. 

Before    After 

I could not believe how much hair was growing back after zero hair growth due to her autoimmune disease!!!!  The owner changed nothing in the diet, only adding the NuVet Plus.  Can NuVet Vitamins reverse autoimmune diseases?  I have no idea..  All I'm saying is I'm not lying about giving Lola the vitamin.  Her owner is in my small group Bible study at church, we are FB friends and this is how she knew we board dogs.  

Here's how to order

Or call Nuvet directly at 800-474-7044 order code 80373