Daisy page

 CH WAAP's Prairie Daisy

D.O.B 11/26/2020



31 dogs/bitches in this pedigree including Daisy.  29 are AKC Champions or Grand Champions.  

This is the litter announcement for the Bristol x Agent pairing.  What do we see here?   EXTREME type!   You're looking at two of the finest bred GSP's for conformation you can find.  This pairing produced Daisy.  She was my pick bitch. 

My Bristol (dam to Daisy) is to this day, the only Grand Champion/ Master Hunter bitch in TX, 1 of only 3 in the nation that I know of.  

Agent is a Grand Champion who is sired by GCH Cyrus who was the #1 conformation GSP in 2016 and you might recognize him because he was Best Of Breed at Westminster giving him primetime TV coverage for Sporting Group. 

I did the very best I could possibly do when I paired Bristol with Agent.  My work paid off.  I literally think Daisy has better conformation than her mama.  I do not say that lightly because I hold Bristol in VERY high regard.  

Grand Champion blah blah blah asside...  Daisy is a loved family companion for her foster family, the Knights who reside literally 1 block up the street.