Puppy offer time!

 It's time for your puppy offer!

You've waited in line and now I'm calling you for your puppy offer.  You now have all of the information on the sire/dam sent to you.  I already explained what color the puppies will be, and I've sent you a video of the litter.  

You are more than welcome to stay on the list for the next litter if the timing doesn't work for you, or if you don't like your pick number.  This is EXACTLY what were about.  

REMEMBER, liver roan puppies are born white.  The roan and ticking starts to show up in a few weeks.  The patches stay.  Of course, the solid liver head stays.  If there's a tiny white mark on the muzzle, that might fill in to be unnoticeable later.  A clear triangle on the muzzle will stay. 

High picks are normally a very easy sell.  The bottom picks is where it gets tricky.  

Here's how it works... 

If you agree to female pick #5 out of 5 female puppies, you need to understand that you're agreeing to take any of the 5 females left, last pick, and you don't know which one you'll get.   These people are normally people who aren't too picky regarding color.  Some people pick a breeder, a great pedigree, and the color isn't extremely important.  I also get to know my puppy buyers.  If you're extremely picky regarding color or markings, I probably won't allow you to take last pick (only to be upset on puppy go home day).

When I tell you you're pick number 2 out of 5 females, that means you have 4 females to choose from on puppy pick day/go home day at 8 weeks old.  

You do not know which puppies will be available on puppy pick day, unless you're first pick.  People pick ahead of you.  

I call you and tell you you're pick number 4 male out of 5 males.  This means you have 2 males to pick from on pick/go home day, 8 weeks old.  

Sharon!  Great!  Which 2 males do I have to pick from?  We don't know which 2, because pick day is also go home day, at 8 weeks old.  I apologize for repeating myself, but it's important to understand my policy.  

I'm the most buyer friendly breeder you can possibly buy a puppy from, but there comes a time I need a serious commitment from my puppy buyers.  Wait list fees and deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Sharon, If I do not get the ONE puppy I want, can I transfer my deposit to the next litter?  No, you agreed to pick #3 out of 5, that gives you 3 puppies to choose from in the color you requested.  If you want pick of the litter, then buy first pick or stay on the list.  

You've agreed to your puppy offer...  It's now time to pay your additional non-refundable, non-transferable deposit via Zelle the same way you paid the $50 deposit. 

Want to come visit the puppies?  Go to Woof Gang Bakery 1/4 a mile from my house, buy raw frozen goat milk to gift the puppies, and come visit!   THANK YOU!!!!!