Available foster female

 Available female puppy to foster at no charge.  

Why do we foster?  We use foster families because our dogs live their life as a beloved family member, not a breeder living in a kennel never to be a house dog.  Our dogs are either house/family companions to us or to their foster family.  Even Bristol the only Grand Champion/Master Hunter bitch in TX resides with her foster family. 

Here's how it works..

You do not pay for the puppy, well vet visits, heartworm prevention, etc.  

We pay for dog shows, handling fees, hunting training, health clearances and any expense associated with whelping.  

We own 3 litters. 

After 3 litters, we pay for her to be spayed and she is signed over to be owned by you the rest of her life. 

People who participate in a program like this respect well bred dogs and understand that owning an AKC Champion is something to be proud of.  

Location is crucial due to pick up and drop off for dog shows, delivering pregnancy food etc.  You must live around the Katy, TX area.  

What is the down side?

Maybe you'll miss her as she goes on the road for dog shows but you will be VERY proud when you see your puppy stacked by the handler looking like a ROCK STAR!

You will miss her while she whelps her litter here at my house.  You always have an open door here to come visit her and her puppies.  

We look forward to having you to our home to discuss this further!