Foster Family

 What is a foster family?  

We use foster homes because zero WAAP breeding dogs live in a backyard kennel or dog run.  100% of our dogs are house dogs for us or house dogs for their foster family.  

Foster families:

Do not pay for the puppy.

Do not pay for the hunting trainer (many times we do it ourselves).

Do not pay vet expenses.

Do not pay any well care for puppy.

You pay for regular non-pregnancy food.

We own 3 litters, whelped here.

We are 100% financially responsible for her litters/care.

After 3 litters the bitch is fully signed over to you to live out her live owned by you (no co-ownership).

We pay for her spay. 

Location is crucial.  Please understand we provide all transportation, pregnancy food etc.  That's a lot of driving.  We live in Katy, TX and would greatly appreciate someone local.  

Please call me for more information. 

Sharon 281-202-4423