What is a  CHIC number?  

Why we use foster families.


Every stud for WAAP has a DNA profile recorded with AKC.  This means, you can submit a DNA test to prove parentage for your puppy without ever contacting me.  It has NEVER happened that the stud I said I used was not the sire to the litter.  Every DNA profile for my stud dogs can be found on the OFA website.  

CH NMK WING AND A PRAYER'S SCOUTING GODS COUNTRY "SCOUT" Owned by Sharon Veeder and Diedre Steele  HEALTH CHIC #107228 (retired)

GCH Wing And A Prayer's Sully War General "Sully" NApz1 SH   
CHIC #123506 Owned by and resides with The Slocum Family, co-owned with Sharon Veeder  - Stud rights reserved to WAAP.  Bred by Sharon Veeder - Resides with the Slocum Family   sire  dam

 CH Wing And A Prayer's Upland Sniper JH NApzII  "Sarge"
sire  dam  health clearances CHIC #149517 AKC Grand Champion pointed (5 point major) Owned by Scott and Sharon Veeder, resides here with us.  Bred by Sharon Veeder

Sarge winning a 5 point Regional  Specialty.  Thank you Breeder Judge Ms. Char Rutar

CH Skyfall's Going For The Gold Vom Deppe-Haus "Bodie"
Health clearances AKC Grand Championship pointed (5 point major) CHIC #115124 Bred by Jim Deppen

WAAP-Point Of Grace Amphibious Navigator MH "Sport"
Bred by Sharon Veeder and Diedre Steele
CHIC #127641

Sport finishing Seniors as a puppy
Sport MH

GCH WAAP Wings Of Hope Captain Of Ehrenvogel's Heart
Bred and owned by Sharon Veeder.  
Finished to Champion and Grand Champion by Miss Kayla Felkley.  Resides here in Katy, TX.
Cali x Cyrus son

Introducing our newest AKC Champion.  In 2021 he will be running in Seniors and Masters. 

CH Kan-Point's The Lethal Weapon JH  CHIC #159405 "Riggs"
Health clearances


Grand Champion CH WAAP's In It To Win It V. NEWPoint's Thunderstorm MH NRD NApz1 "Bristol" CHIC #141098 health clearances
previous litter

CHIC #167052

Wing And A Prayer's It's Showtime V. Ice And Fire "Camie"
GSP-EYE1553/24F-VPIEYESJun 9 2020 Jun 15 2020 24NORMAL GSP-19588E24F-VPIHIPSJun 10 2020 Jul 2 2020 24EXCELLENTGSP-EL4254F24-VPIELBOWJun 10 2020 Jul 2 2020 24NORMALGSP-ACA521/24F-VPIADVANCED CARDIACJun 15 2020 Jun 17 2020 24NORMAL AO/CONG, AUSC ONLY
DNA cleared through parentage  dam CHIC #116257 Sire CHIC #125637

WAAP's Prairie Daisy (currently finishing to Grand Champion)
Will be a 2023 Breeder
More information coming soon!

CH WAAP's Tinker Belle "Belle"
2023 Breeder - More information coming soon!