Puppy food

It's crucially important to understand to not over feed puppy.  Breeder's want a slow growth rate.  Bones can grow faster than ligaments.  We want healthy joints and tendons!  The feeding chart is pretty spot on for Orijen Amazing Grains Large Breed Puppy.  Of course you can tweak it a little bit if puppy is too skinny or acting starving. 


I introduced you to the best puppy food money can buy.  Please do not take it lightly which food you choose to serve after your first bag.  

In a few weeks after we've established good eating habits, puppy is ready to start a raw chicken wing.  Buy the package and freeze on a flat cookie tray.  After frozen store in a large zip lock bag.  Feed 1 a day.  After a few weeks, you can now transition to a drumstick.  By 9 months you can now go to Walmart and buy a 10 pound bag of chicken legs and thighs for about .67 cents a pound. 

Always serve the chicken defrosted, not frozen. 

YES RAW BONES ARE ALLOWED!   Never feed a dog cooked chicken bones.  Join all the raw feeding groups on FB.  

Around the time puppy is starting the chicken drumstick, he can now have 1 raw egg every other day.  Some say fry the egg leaving the yolk raw, but I serve the whole thing raw. 

Sardines are safe at any age.  I personally serve raw frozen sardines from the Asian market.  Sardines are a powerhouse of nutrition and are some of the lowest toxicity fish in the world.  

As an adult...  Their bowl would look like this...

1 raw chicken leg and thigh 

2 cups Orijen Amazing Grains Regional Red kibble (increase if pup is too skinny or still acting hungry)

1 raw egg

1 frozen sardine or 1 can of sardines

1 nuvet vitamin


Your puppy has been fully wormed, full vet exam head to tail including fecal, and shots given by Dr. Euers of Animal Hospital Of Katy.  Their next set of shots are due in 4 weeks.  We do not support more frequent shots.  There's no evidence that more shots are better.  Dr. Euers supports this.  

If you choose to pay for an 8 week old check, you're more than welcome, it's your puppy.  However, I paid for a full vet exam on your behalf already. 

Your puppy has ear cleaner in his ears that I put in today after their bath.  Leave it there for 3 days then thoroughly wipe the ears clean. 

OPINION....   After puppy shots, I do not do annual boosters.  We do rabies every 3 years required by law, that's it.  


Your puppy's microchip should be registered THE DAY HE GOES HOME!  It has already happened that a WAAP puppy was lost and the owner did not register the microchip.  The microchip can be traced back to me IF they contact the microchip manufacturer but that isn't guaranteed.  I also recommend registering their microchip during their AKC registration.  This makes their microchip a permanent record on their AKC papers, just one more way for proof of ownership.  


You MUST socialize your puppy!  Take puppy to Tractor Supply, Home Depot etc.  The little girl asks if she can pet puppy?  YES!!!!!  Your mom's dog does not have parvo, your neighbor's dog does not have parvo, yes you can socialize your puppy with other dogs. 

STAY AWAY FROM DOG PARKS, DOG TRAILS, PETCO, THE VET, AND OTHER PUPPIES!   Your puppy isn't immune to parvo until 2 weeks after their 3rd shot. 

Nuvet vitamins

Start vitamins today.  Puppy gets 1/2 am and 1/2 pm for 5 days.  Thereafter the vitamin is 1 a day.  I recommend these vitamins for life!  It's simply an antioxidant vitamin to fight free radicals (prevent cancer, autoimmune diseases, skin issues, allergies etc). 

Crate training

This is my opinion..   Your puppy is YOUR puppy, you crate train how you choose. 

Your puppy is trained to pee/poop on pine pellets from Tractor Supply.  The bag is about $8 and it's behind the store, you have to ask for it.  If you took those pine pellets and put them in a bin/tote of any kind, puppy will pee on the pellets.  I put this bin/tote in their large crate.  

You still put puppy on the grass before playing in the house.  

We use this for about 4 weeks then puppy is old enough to hold it. 

Other puppy training

USE YOUTUBE!   Having trouble with puppy biting?  Search youtube!  I youtube almost any subject!!!!!

Remember, your puppy is what you train it to be.  Do nothing with your puppy, you'll have a disobedient dog.  Train your puppy and you'll enjoy a lifetime of a well trained dog. 

Bird introduction

Have the conversation with the trainer you will personally be using to train your pup.  Ask them their advice.  

Want to do it yourself?  The top trainer for that is Perfection Kennels and The Perfect Start and The Perfect Here.  

Our #1 go to trainer in TX is Buck Henderson, Backyard Training Kennels.

I also like Ronnie Smith.  He has a very expensive book if you'd like that option. 


Do not over do it with treats.  You can mess up good eating habits for their kibble.  Your puppy has been weaned to nothing but dry kibble for 2 weeks.  If puppy goes on a food strike, do not think for one moment it's because he doesn't like the puppy food.  

Best treats money can buy:

(all available on Amazon)

Dehydrated all natural:

green lipped mussels

beef trachea

chicken feet

duck feet 

beef tendon

pork ears

chicken or duck hearts

salmon skins


These treats are extremely healthy.   Have fun rotating these treats!   Never feed raw hides!