When  you place a deposit with WAAP, you can say yes or no to any breeding at anytime.   We want to give you the exact puppy you're looking for and you're allowed to stay on the list until you get it!  

Puppy picks

Puppy pick/go home day is the same day at 8 weeks old in my home always on a Saturday.  You will have a one hour private appointment time to pick out your puppy.  PUT THAT DATE ON YOUR CALENDAR!!!  Unlike other breeder's who assign the puppy to you, I allow you to pick out your own puppy.  OF COURSE I will assist you in picking out the right puppy for your needs.  I will be there ringside during puppy pick day with advice on the personality of every puppy.  

Puppy pick order is based on the date your deposit was received (competition/show homes get a preferred pick number).  The longer you're on the list, the higher you get a pick!!  The date of your deposit is the pick order.  

At the time of your deposit I do not require you to specify sex.  When puppies are on the ground you will need to choose sex.  No exceptions...  You are not pick #2 (or whatever) of the entire litter.  You are pick number 2 of the sex you choose.  

We cannot guarantee pick number before puppies are on the ground.  Even after your guaranteed pick number, I reserve the right to keep a puppy as my own for my breeding program.      

Sharon, I'm ready to place my deposit, how many people are ahead of me?  Again, per my policy, you will be guaranteed a pick number the day puppies are whelped.  If you're interested in a specific litter, no problem simply stay on the list.  You will still be offered a puppy if your spot in line is up.  



All puppies are sold under LIMITED registration (no breeding rights).  My puppies are sold as pets. 

Our puppies are sold with a name requirement.  Their AKC name will begin with Wing And A Prayer's or WAAP's (I use both in my own kennel).

You agree to AKC register your pup.  I am not the breeding police on this one and I will not hunt you down for verification.  AKC registration proves ownership of your puppy.  This is for their safety.

Your first 25lb bag of puppy food is provided by me, you pay me my cost ($25 below what you can buy it for).  We feed Orijen Large Breed Puppy food.   After your first bag of puppy food, you may feed any food of your choice but I highly encourage you to feed Orijen or research the raw diet. 

You are REQUIRED to buy 1 bottle of Nu Vet plus vitamins available at or by calling 800-474-7044 order code 80373.  These vitamins are shipped to your home for your puppy.  As your breeder, your puppy's immune system is the uttermost importance to me.  The health of your puppy reflects the quality of my breeding program.  Nuvet has documented evidence that puppies who are supplemented have drastic increase in immune function compared to those on a standard diet of no supplementation.  After your first bottle there is no requirement but you are encouraged to keep puppy on these vitamins for life.  Antioxidants reduce cancer, boost the immune system in dogs just like they do for humans.  50% of all dogs will die of cancer.  Buy a simple antioxidant vitamin for your puppy whether you buy a puppy from me or not!  
More information:  video  

Puppy microchips are provided by me at no cost.  You agree to register the chip with AKC Reunite.  

Our puppies are guaranteed healthy at the time they go home.  We guarantee there is no coccidia, giardia, parasites or worms on puppy go home day or else you can come to my vet, Dr. Euers of Katy, TX at no charge.  Your puppy will have a full vet exam including fecal the day before they go home.  Shots are administerd by Dr. Euers, not me.  

All puppies are sold with a limited 1 year health guarantee for a non-curable congenital/hereditary defect.  If your puppy has a congenital defect that cannot be corrected with veterinary care, your puppy will be replaced and your puppy must be returned to me.  Written diagnosis from your vet of a non-curable hereditary defect is required.  In the event of puppy death, a necropsy is required at the cost of the puppy buyer.  In the event the necropsy shows a hereditary defect, I will pay the cost.  If the necropsy is inconclusive, there is no replacement puppy.  It must show a hereditary defect.  There are no refunds due to vet bills.  There is no health guarantee for an aquired illness (like parvo, coronavirus or distemper).  If there was parvo in my kennel, the entire litter would have crashed at the same time.  Do you have a lawn care service?  They mow how many lawns a day picking up poop in their mower?  Yep....  Even though you never took your puppy to the dog park or PetsMart, your puppy can be exposed.  To this date, we have never had parvo in our kennel.  Parvo symptoms are 3-5 days from exposure to the disease.  Your puppy is not fully immune to parvo until 2 weeks after their 3rd round of shots.  PROTECT YOUR PUPPY!  

An umbilical hernia is a simple issue to fix.  This is not the fault of the breeder and is not covered under your 1 year health guarantee.  

I am a breeder who ALWAYS takes back my puppies in the event it didn't work out at home.  You do not have permission to re-sell, transfer or re-home my puppy/your puppy at anytime of the puppy's life.  If you do not agree to this, then do not buy my puppy.  Your puppy's microchip will be in my name as their breeder.  Your name will be as primary owner.  If your puppy is ever surrendered to a rescue, they will scan him/her for a microchip and see me as the breeder.  They will then call me and I will be one unhappy camper!  I won't be unhappy that rescue called me, I'll be unhappy that you surrendered my puppy in violation of your contract.  

Oops Breeding? 

It has never happened that the sire we used as stud for the dam wasn't the sire that I claimed it to be.  However, if that were to ever happen we agree to fully refund the price of the puppy with the return of your your current pup or you can have a replacement puppy again with the return of your current puppy (nothing else).  


BECAUSE WE LIVE IN TEXAS, ALL PUPPIES AND DOGS MUST BE ON HEARTWORM PREVENTION!  I only recommend Heartgard or Triheart.  DO NOT use other products that are extremely toxic to our pets.  

It is in my contract that no puppy of mine is allowed to be on Trifexis, EVER!  Have a flea and tick issue?  Use all natural lemongrass products.  Didn't work?  Instead of using highly toxic oral pesticides, use a Seresto dog collar.  At least the Seresto dog collar is topical.  Think about this...  The oral flea and tick meds is eaten by your dog.  It makes the blood so toxic that it instantly kills fleas and ticks as the dog is bitten.  


Remember, liver roan puppies are born white.  The liver roan color and ticking darken up over time and the full liver roan color isn't completely seen until about 3 months old.  
Here's an example: 

AKC Champion Sarge at 8 weeks old and 4 months old. 


Please contact me privately for pricing. 

A quick word about reputable breeders while you're currently in the market for a puppy.  DO NOT BUY YOUR PUPPY FROM THIRD PARTY PUPPY SALES ON THE INTERNET!  This is not respected by reputable breeders.  They charge as high as $1500 and they do nothing with their dogs.  They post no health clearances, litter pedigrees or titles on parents (because they don't have any).  Your puppy could be raised in a puppy mill and you would have no idea if you purchase from a 3rd party.  The 3rd party splits the price with the breeder.  Stay away from so called breeders who SAY they breed for health when they never pay for a single health clearance.  Every reputable breeder reports the health clearances of the sire/dam to OFA, the Orthopedic Foundation Of Animals.  Stay away from tag lines like "champion lines".  This means they are selling their puppies on the coattails of other breeder's hard work.  A good breeder needs to do their due diligence and hard work too.  


The decision to spay or neuter your puppy is your personal choice. You are not on contract with me in regards to this issue.  I do not interfere with a decision that belongs between you and your vet.  However, there is evidence that spaying or neutering your puppy too young will interfere with their development because they need those hormones for growth. You also have a huge increased risk of ACL injuries and hip dysplasia.  Please do your own research on this issue before making your decision.  MORE INFO


Deposits are nonrefundable.  Your deposit is an agreement to buy a WAAP puppy.  Please DO NOT place a deposit with WAAP without a serious commitment.  Your deposit pays for ongoing expenses for our kennel like field trainers, dog show entries, expensive raw dog food in bulk, handler fees, vet expenses etc.  

Again...  I spend a lot of time on the phone explaining puppy pick order.  Please accept my apology for repeating myself. 

Puppy picks are based on the date your deposit is received. 
You are allowed to say yes or no to any litter I offer you.  Even if you want litter B, you will still get the phone call for litter A if your spot in line is up. 
You are not guaranteed pick number until puppies are on the ground.  Let me explain why..   Some people place a deposit way in advanced to get in line so they can have a higher pick.  They also sometimes have a specific litter they are interested in and it might not be the soonest litter available.  If I told you that you were pick number 5, how can that possibly be accurate?  I try very hard to be buyer friendly.  Getting you the exact puppy you're looking for is my goal.  For this reason you can accept or reject my puppy offer.  This is why puppy pick number isn't guaranteed until puppies are on the ground. 

I only accept calls during bankers hours.  I do NOT accept calls during evenings or weekends.  I'm a breeder who ALWAYS answers my phone because my number is a backup number on your puppy's microchip.  I received a call about a found/lost puppy at 11pm on a Saturday.  That's why I answer my phone.  When someone called me for puppy availability on a Friday night at 11pm, not only did I hang up on them, I blocked them from ever calling me again.  My phone hours are 8am to 5pm M-F.  I can't wait to talk to you at the appropriate time.  

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What to expect when you're expecting a WAAP puppy

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